This is my research to do with all of the seven deadly sins. I tried to get as many images that represented the idea of the sin as I could.

ayasI intend to make solid colour figures in the colours representing the sins, however the problem with this is that people may not know what the sins are just by colour so I will use a visual clue of the solid colour figure doing whatever the sin is, E.G. Gluttony eating, pride popping their collar in an arrogant fashion e.t.c. e.t.c

seven1 seven2


These are the proof of concept images I have produced. I intend to do something similar for all of the sins. The purple figure represents Pride and the light blue figure represents Sloth, the black areas on the Sloth picture is contextual colouring as it would be confusing if there wasn’t a bed that Sloth was in. Looking at the pictures it seems that I might have to make the colours darker and I may put shading onto them. The reason I would do this as I think that the colours are too bright and there isn’t enough definition within the characters.

The text shown below is the first iteration of the text for the opening sequence, however I believe that it will change as I am not completely satisfied with how it came out, so I will, more likely than not, create a better version at some point.sins