1.Introduction to your quantitative primary research)

Which film genre did you choose to research?

I chose to research the Adventure film genre, I chose this because i enjoy adventure films because they are full of action even if the story is sometimes rubbish, however this does not allow needless action scenes to take place as they add nothing to the story and just end up as a waste of screen time and filming effort.

Which method did you use? (questionnaire survey)

I used a questionnaire to gather my research on the adventure genre as it allowed me to easily go round my class and give out prints of the questionnaire which my classmates could easily hand back to me. I could the input the information that i had collected into a table on a computer making it easier to access and analyse.

What was the aim of your survey?

The aim of my survey was to discover what the people liked about adventure films as well as which adventure films they liked as this would allow me to alter my development process as i would know what people would want from an adventure film.

Could you have improved the design of your questionnaire e.g. the range of questions, the wording, the number of questions, etc.

I could’ve improved the survey by asking more than just students as that would give me a much wider understanding of how the general audience likes adventure films. I could also have asked more questions to do with which aspects of adventure films the subjects liked.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of questionnaire surveys?

The advantages of using surveys are that you can get a lot of information from a large number of participants, however a disadvantage of surveys are that you can’t really ask follow up questions and must make the questions rather simple to make sure the intended audience can understand it.