7/03/16 –  I did not start Unit 8 this week as I was sorting out the last of my unit 1-7 work. This is important as without this I  will not be able to pass the year.

14/03/16 – This week I started researching ideas for the Unit 8 project, I am doing this because I need to find out potential ideas on what to do for my project, this will shape the entirety of my project.

21/03/16 – I am researching ideas for which song I intend to do I as this will all me to choose which direction and style the music video will take.

4/04/16 – I intend to create a music video for the song Nightcall and have decided on a comic book style to accent the 1980’s style, building on my initial ideas.

11/04/16 – Drawing up the storyboards and thinking of the plot for the video to make sure I don’t get sidetracked later on.

18/04/16 –

25/04/16 –

2/05/16 –

9/05/16 –

16/05/16 –

23/05/16 –

6/06/16 – On this final week I have been writing up all final blog posts and making sure my work is as best it can be within the remaining time.