Centre Name & Number The Sheffield College
Candidate Name Thomas Allen
Candidate Number
Project Title
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
I wish to create a music video for the song Nightcall by Kavinsky using digital animation technique using Flash. I have chosen this as I really like the song and I think that I can get a lot of ideas for the visuals. I chose this final idea because I believe that other ideas such as doing an animation based on a game would be too time consuming. A brief story line of this video is someone getting involved with the mafia in some way and getting into a fight.  I chose this as the music sounds like it could be from 1980’s pop which I am a fan of. I intend to include violent scenes featuring blood in this piece so it would not be suitable before the watershed.


Section 2: Project Concept (Approx 200 words)
I researched 3 different songs that I considered using however I found that Nightcall was a suitable pick as I find the song rather catchy and can think of things that I would put at certain points throughout the piece.  I might draw characters as anthropomorphic animals as it is relatively easier to draw animal heads than human ones. It also allows the definition of characters as people won’t get confused if it is the same character if they all look like animals and are different species. I have looked at a few animations and I intend to try to make my animation as smooth as possible but I will most likely avoid doing too many frames as this will most likely cause me to go over with time. I intend to use the tune of the music more than the lyrics as I find it would be hard for me to convert the lyrics into images. I believe the hardest part of the video will figuring out what to do as the filler between the points of the video I can think have major design points, such as the chorus.


Section 3: Evaluation (Approx 150 words)
I intend to use blog posts to record my decisions however I will also try audio recordings as sometimes I struggle with getting words onto paper. I believe my audience will be people 15 and up and intend to design the piece around what I think will be visually impressive yet still coherent. I will not be working with others as I intend to use flash or draw my designs by hand. This is done to reduce me relying on others as people can be unreliable and might flake out if I need them to do something like act. If, and when, I come across issues I aim to solve them with as little disruption to my work as possible. I will look at a few ways to solve them as I usually take the first option available to me however I understand that this does not always work out. I intend to screen the video to my intended audience and peers and gather their responses in order to analyse how to improve or change my work.


Section 4: Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

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