I was also considering do an animation using the audio of another video.

Vanoss Gaming Animated – Lui’s Gummy Worm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFgztktFPCU)

This video is an animation using the audio from another video, this effective as the video can take liberties with the design as it doesn’t have to be a direct recreation of the original video.

The video is a satirical parody as it uses the audio in a different situation.

Short narrative – type, beginning, middle, end. Linear single strand, establishing shot. Signifier and connotations, editing, costumes, mise-en-scene

The Video Starts with a quick fade in to reveal the establishing shot of the scene. The shot is a medium-wide shot. The shot shows 3 characters yet hints at a fourth as there is a chair in front of the table. The video then cuts to a medium shot of two of the character talking. During their conversation the camera cuts to a close up of the subject that the two are talking about, before it cuts back to the conversation.

The outfits that the characters wear have connotations of them being young or immature as they’re in costumes. During the close up of the table it allows the reader to guess what they are doing as there are several clues such as a die a figure and the thing they’re talking about are cards.