I believe that my campaign wasn’t as useful as i would have hoped as I only get 25 likes at the time of writing. I would have liked to get more views and likes for the obvious reason of exposure and putting my project out there.

I believe that my strengths were that I laid out the things I posted on my Facebook which allowed the content I had posted to be well received reaching the majority of the people that liked the page. I also find strength within my graphics as they show a consistency of style, also the inclusion of before and after images add appeal to artists and creative members of my community.

However, I do feel that I do not upload enough to my page as I do not like uploading unfinished things which makes it look like there is no progress towards the next update. This will change in the future as it lets hype die as I work on a completed product. This is possibly backed up by the statistics Facebook generated throughout my project.


While these stats are from the beginning of my production they show how my content became relevant for a brief window and then teetered around no likes or views. I believe that this is from me not posting very often, which allowed my page to go from reaching many people to vanishing off their feeds rather quickly.


This second image shows the last week, at the time of righting, stats. You can see that my page stagnated as how it reached only 13 people, and while the post engagement is up the page views and likes were down rather drastically, as far as a 75% decrease on the actual page.

If I was to do this campaign again I would hope to upload on a regular basis. This would hopefully grow my audience and keep engagement and interest with my project.I would also hope to upload images regardless of their completion because as it stands I was reluctant to upload unfinished bits of art due to the feeling of being a completionist as audiences tend to engage more with companies and projects when they know more about it.

Case Study

A great example on why not to go silent on social media is the Twitter account of HelloGames, a games company based in England who created a game called No Man’s Sky, which many believe was oversold and falsely advertised. A diagram of their twitter activity was made in late September.ont6c6a

As you can see from this diagram, Hellogames was rather active in the early days and particularly active around the game’s PS4 and PC release however, after the PC release the number of tweets quickly dropped before cutting out completely, leaving the audience in the dark. The problems with doing this are that the community can feel like they were ripped off or don’t mean anything to the company. This can be extremely detrimental to a company’s reputation as it can lead to the public to lose trust with the company and might be skeptical to give money to future products.