This is the proof of concept for my project.


Evaluation of product – 

In this evaluation I shall be discussing my proof of concept for the song “Project Yi.”

During the project I believe I could have done more research into what makes other music videos work as I feel like my research is rather lacking. I also believe that I need to work on my time management skills as I ran overtime which would be a problem in a working environment.

I do not believe I made a good proof of concept. This is because I did not put in the things that I wish I could of, and as such my work has suffered for it. I intended to put a slight bit of narrative in my PoC. I also discovered that I will have to increase the number of times that I draw the comic portion of the animation as the a page that I intended to use was unfinished by the time the edit came around.

The ways I could improve the PoC would be to hand animate the bubbles so they don’t look so slowed down, this would improve the piece as it would make it more coherent with the rest of the piece. I could also have the transitions be a little more smoother by hand drawing the city-scape slowly build up.

In conclusion I will allocate more time to the drawing the pages and also draw the backgrounds and effects to make the product more coherent and keep its sense of style.

Evaluation of self – 

During this project I have learnt the problems of hand drawing an animation as well as learning that my time management and research skills need to be improved.

Learning the difficulties of hand drawing an animation such as the fact that a lot of time is required to go into a pages creation will be helpful to me as it has informed me of the pressure that I have to put on myself in order to reach the deadline for the full product. Additionally I believe that I learnt my research skills need work as one of the reasons I didn’t get my project finished was because I hadn’t researched a suitable animation process before I started drawing which obviously led to some discrepancies.

In conclusion I will work on improving my time management and research skills for my future endeavors. I believe these failures are an adequate teacher for me to improve my content and work ethic.