This post will be discussing the feedback from my mock interview for the position of a concept artist.

The first bit of feedback that I received was to bring a pen and a pad of lined paper to take notes. This is so I can write down any important info such as phone numbers, emails or websites. The notepad also also looks more professional.

The second piece of feedback was to edit the layout of my C.V. putting the majority of information on the first page to improve its readability. This would improve it by allowing readers to easily see the most recent and most important work that I have done.

A positive thing that my interviewer said was that I had brought physical copies of my portfolio which they said was important because, “You’ll never know what they have and don’t have in the room…”

Another positive thing my interviewer said was that I spoke with conviction and confidence. This is important for if I tried to explain something to a potential employer without my full attention I would come across as if I didn’t care about what I was applying for.