As I found out from last year’s FMP drawing each frame on paper is a hassle due to the extremely long time it takes to produce each drawing. To circumvent this I researched forms of digital drawing.

Through my research I studied the benefits and drawbacks of two forms of digital drawing.

Method 1: Mouse:

As you can see from the image below the drawing done with a mouse is more shaky than its tablet counterpart. I believe that this is in part due to not being used to the method as while I believe I did the best job I did at the time of drawing I believe I could improve it given enough time and patience. The use of a mouse also led to the lines being a set width lending the piece a more consistent but rather bulky feel. A way to improve on this would be to alter the width of the lines with each stroke to more define the piece.


Method 2: Tablet:

As evident from the image above the tablet version of the drawing is much smoother than it’s mouse counterpart. I believe that this is due to the versatility of the equipment. The fact that the pen was able to alter its thickness depending on the pressure allowed me to create smoother lines. A way to improve this art would be to speed up the process as the way I drew it was rather time consuming.

jester completion

A possible solution to this would be to draw all the lines on one layer however this would also make it so I would less accurate with erasing them. This could be detrimental to the general quality of the piece however as the lines would be rougher overall and in my opinion not worth the time saved.


In conclusion I believe I will use the tablet method with multiple layers for lining as it allows me to refine the artwork to a higher degree.