This is the first version I produced and it features the a sped up time lapse of the Bramall Lane and a sped up spinning logo of S.U.F.C. I used the spinning logo behind the player to highlight the player. The Text that comes in to the side is, in my opinion good, however the red in the text is not the red that S.U.F.C uses, so if I was to do the project again I would need to use their red to make the project consistent. The footage was quite short as there was not a lot of usable footage to make use of. If i was to do this again I would probably loop the end of the footage (where the player is standing still) in order to make the footage more around the 5 second mark.


This is the second version that i produced and it features a much slower time lapse of Bramall Lance and the log spinning twice in the top left hand corner. I moved the logo to the side to see if it stole attention from the main subject, however it seems to make the project look betters as it spreads attention across the whole screen rather than keeping it in one location. The text that come in from the left is much darker than the last iteration but is still not the colour that S.U.F.C uses