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If at first you don't succeed, edit out your failures.


Jobs and HE research

Unit 11 – post 2 – 11:1.1, 11:1.2



State the subject of your fact file. What is it about? (TV? Film? Special effects? )

Background – has the traditional role has it changed?

I intend to write this document on the career of being a video editor. The job has changed quite drastically over the last decade as technology improved. It is easier to learn how to edit nowadays as the software is more readily available however this has made the career much more competitive. In the beginning of film industry editors cut apart reels of film and glued them together while nowadays people edit completely digitally.

Two examples of major companies within this industry with some background to the companies


Paramount Pictures: Holywood-based, founded on May 8th 1912 (as Famous Players Film Company), Founders: W.W. Hodkinson, Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky, Top 5 highest reviewed films; The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Interstellar, Saving Private Ryan, Raiders of the lost Ark.

Universal Pictures: , founded on April 30th 1912 (as Universal Film Manufacturing Company), Founders: Carl Laemmle, Pat Powers, David Horsley, William Swanson, Mark Dintenfass, Charles Baumann, Robert H. Cochrane, Adam Kessel, Jules Brulatour, Top 5 highest reviewed films; Schindler’s List, Back to the Future, A Beautiful Mind, Jurassic Park, The Bourne Ultimatum.

Description of the role

Job description & skills required

Working pattern

Qualifications / training required

As a video editor I would be required to assemble the footage and audio from my employers and chop it together into a final product,


·             Experience with video editing software

·             IT skills

·             Patience and concentration

·             Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

Job ad

Example of a job advertisement for

Your chosen job.

While I wrote my fact file on being a video editor, through searching for jobs in the industry I have decided on becoming a concept artist instead.


Skills audit

Which skills do you have for this job?

Which skills do you need for this job?

Skills I have –

·             Vivid imagination

·             Sketching skills

·             Able to stick to a brief


Skills I need to learn –

·             3D modelling

·             Drawing in Photoshop or other


My Personal action Plan


Career choice (s)


My target grade for the UAL course


My course choices


Work experience

I intend to get a job within either the videogame or film industry. I hope to work as either a concept artist within the game industry or an editor within the film industry.


My target grade for this UAL course is at least merit as I feel a pass wouldn’t get me very far with the competitive markets of now. To secure this grade I will focus on completing all work to the best of my ability and on time.


For work experience it gets rather uncertain however I will attempt to get a work experience within a film or game studio as an intern with which I will look into improving my art style and design.



Personal Statement

I am Thomas Allen, a seventeen year old with hopes of becoming a concept artist. I am interested in becoming this as I love creativity and I believe that I have many ideas to make videos or games with. If I could not make it in the film / game industry I would most likely take a course in graphic design as I wish to do something creative for a living.

My hobbies include; Drawing, playing the guitar, reading and playing video games. I also enjoy watching films and often make mental notes on how to either improve or recreate a scene. I find that my favourite genres are; Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi & fantasy, however I also enjoy a good action film every now and again.

My skills include a vivid imagination, an eye for detail & a wide range of knowledge, which has allowed me to create character designs for genre pieces. I am also an avid artist and take pride in the pieces I produce. For example, I recently entered a competition to design an urban samurai.

I see myself as a perfectionist when it comes to art and try to understand why a character does what they do before I design them. I am inventive with my designs and take pride in the detail that develop them.

To put it simply, I am a young, open-minded individual with aspirations of working in a wonderful and creative industry.

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