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U3:2.2 Apply knowledge of working practices to support own development

Blog Post 4 – Post Production Editing & Prototype

This is my design walk-through for my player walk-through.


This is the first edit that I did which was just to key out the green screen.


The next step that I did was to add a background to the piece.


After that I put an effect onto the background to make it more interesting.


I then added our “player’s” name so that the viewer would be able to see who the “player” is called.


I then added the player’s number to add more information to the video.


Then I added the players position so if people didn’t know the name of the player but knew the position they could figure out who the player is.


I then exported the video using Abobe Media Encoder and I had to change the video to 640px by 384px because SUFC have old screens.

These steps have allowed me to make a player walk-through.

This is the template that I designed on Adobe After Effects as a proof of concept for the Sheffield Untied Football Club Project.


Blog Post 3 – Green screen & Lighting demo



This is the optimum lighting arrangement as it fully lights up the character. The Key light is used to provide the supposed natural lighting in a scene. The fill light is used to take away the harsh shadows left by the key light. The back light is used to separate the character from the background and acts as the reflected lights in a scene.


This is our test setup for our lighting and green screen. I suspect that we will have to use lighting when we film S.U.F.C. as the lighting probably won’t be great. This image also shows most of the setup for the green screen, but it doesn’t show the green screen we put on the floor

The Meeting


We decided on the idea of a crime theme for our meeting video. We chose this as it doesn’t require too many props and isn’t too complicated to do.

Overall Plot

The four main characters are a team of criminals that are sent to break into a building for their boss. In order to get to the room they have been asked to get into they have to get past security  and the employess of the building. A shootout occurs. Once the team enter the room they find that it is completely empty apart from a table in the centre of the room, that has a phone secured under it. The group’s boss then contacts them from the phone and tells them that there is a rat, however it is actually a ploy to make them kill themselves.


Our first idea was to use an office building however we realised that that would be unreasonable as we would be asking to film in a location for free, something that a lot of companies wouldn’t agree to, so we’re using sections of the College as they are easily assessable to use and the equipment is easier to move around.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above shown are the planning documents for The Meeting. They were useful as they allowed us to keep focussed on what we needed to do. I think that the storyboards are the most useful because they show the general show sizes that we intend to make. I believe that the least helpful sheet was the health and safety because it doesn’t seem like it would have a meaningful impact on our piece, however I do understand why it is necessary.


Tom S brought in the gun props which were airsoft guns painted black. They were the only props we really needed as we wrote the script with a very limited number of maximum props.

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