Mission Impossible 2 opening scene

Camera – The first shot of the opening scene is an establishing shot that allows the audience to understand where the sequence is taking place. Throughout the rock climbing scenes the camera is in a high angle shot this is to signify that it is a perilous situation the character is in. To contrast this the music is upbeat and exciting. There is an extreme close up on the characters hand to show how it is the only thing keeping the character from falling to their death. Later in the sequence the character has to jump to another part of the cliff face during his jump the footage is slowed to symbolise how exciting the scene is.When the character reaches the top of the cliff face the camera is more at eye level as it shows he is out of the immediate danger.

SoundThe music is faded in at the start of the sequence and is non-diegetic. There is a faint diegetic sound of the wind and occasionally an eagle is heard. This sound is also diegetic and helps to set th the music is also quietened until he lands then the music picks back up to accent the action.

Mise – en – scene – The Scene is shown to be high up and dangerous