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UNIT 5 – Audio

AB Post 4: planning


This is my sound spotting sheet that I used to find out which sounds I would have to capture. I found that I did not need that many but I would have to make it sound convincing with the few sounds I had to collect.


AB Completed project

Unit 5 – Evaluation

I believe that I could’ve done more when it came to planning for this project as I could’ve gotten the blog posts done sooner but I had to sort out the audio as I recorded rather late into the project. However I did organise a section to edit my project on my own. I could’ve written up a weekly plan to improve the majority of the project.

I didn’t do much research into the project besides at looking at how people made certain sounds in hope to replicate them. The reason I didn’t do much research is that I didn’t see the point of researching the other films that I wouldn’t be working on. I used the research that I did to improve the quality of the sounds I recorded as the research showed me how to record better sounds, like waves made by shaking tissue paper and such.

I believe that the final project suits it’s purpose as it fills the brief as being an edit of a silent movie with Foley sounds added on top. If I was to redo this project I would probably try to be more organised as I believe that is what stopped me from doing my best with this project.

If I was doing the production I would be more organised and start recording earlier so I would have more time to write these blog posts. I would also research more silent films so I could pick a more complex video to show more of my skills.


AB U5 Post 3 – Proposal for G. Melies film

Title of film: Fairy Waters

Duration: 0:58

Synopsis: The film is set in an unnamed; the title suggests that the water might be enchanted or occupied by fairies. A ship is seen sailing and promptly crashes and sinks due to the storm overhead. Once the ship has sunk to the bottom the crew are seen swimming amongst the wreckage before going off screen. A figure is then seen riding a chariot brought in from the left side of the screen pulled by a sea-lion.

Treatment: The film has a fantasy theme once below the water but seems serious while above water. I think the opening scene will have a lot of wind, waves and maybe some pirates that seem far away. The film will take a more mysterious tone when underwater, as that is what is particular about this piece.


AB U5 Post 2 -Development of sound in cinema and sound design.

Sound design was first coined in 1979 Francis Ford Coppola whilst making Apocalypse Now.Which insured audiences understood that the sky would be full of helicopters and a jungle full of gunfire. It was first screened with three speakers in front of the audience and two behind immersing the audience more than had been done before.

However the idea of sound design was used much earlier than 1979 at the start of the 20th century by a man named, Luigi Russolo who believed that you could use sounds rather then music to increase the drama of a film. One of Russolo’s friends was the composer Balilla Pratella and after hearing his friend’s performance Luigi was so inspired that he wrote a manifesto – The Art of Noises. To make a long story short, he reasoned that after the industrial revolution the human ear had become more and more accustomed to more mechanical sounds.He was inspired by these new sounds that he called for a complete revolution within music to expand the range of sounds it included from the four or five instruments people were used to hearing.

After the second world war, science had brought sound forward in leaps and bounds. With the help of computer samplers and sound synthesis machines, the human ear had to adapt once more to accommodate these new sounds. With the increase of sound files and libraries, film makers started to experiment more with sound as a tool.

Blog 1 – SFX + Foley recording + editing

In the introductory lessons for this unit, we learned how to record sound effects and foley and edit sounds.

SFX recording using Marantz – Objects – We had to record a variety

Video – action + planned + recorded Foley in Classroom –

Horses – One of the groups during the exercise had to make the sounds  of horses trotting. This was achieved by clapping by clapping coconuts together.

Swords – One of the groups during the exercise had to make the sounds of swords clashing. This was achieved by hitting wrenches and such like together. I was a part of this group and was in charge of monitoring the recording.

Stabbing – One of the groups during the exercise had to make the sounds of stabbing and bones breaking. This was achieved by stabbing cabbage and snapping celery respectively.

Create an audio soundscape on Garage Band using SFX – We had to create a soundscape of a location and situation of our choosing. I chose to do the site of an alien invasion as I believe that it is interesting and something I find exciting.


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