I believe that I could’ve done more when it came to planning for this project as I could’ve gotten the blog posts done sooner but I had to sort out the audio as I recorded rather late into the project. However I did organise a section to edit my project on my own. I could’ve written up a weekly plan to improve the majority of the project.

I didn’t do much research into the project besides at looking at how people made certain sounds in hope to replicate them. The reason I didn’t do much research is that I didn’t see the point of researching the other films that I wouldn’t be working on. I used the research that I did to improve the quality of the sounds I recorded as the research showed me how to record better sounds, like waves made by shaking tissue paper and such.

I believe that the final project suits it’s purpose as it fills the brief as being an edit of a silent movie with Foley sounds added on top. If I was to redo this project I would probably try to be more organised as I believe that is what stopped me from doing my best with this project.

If I was doing the production I would be more organised and start recording earlier so I would have more time to write these blog posts. I would also research more silent films so I could pick a more complex video to show more of my skills.