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UNIT 6: Investigating visual production & technology

U6 Experimentation

During the production stage of my video I discovered that filming live actors and editing them would be too time consuming so, I changed the idea to that of drawing the characters on an android tablet.

This allowed me to keep the basic idea the same however change the way it’d be created. This also allowed me to create clothing that I wouldn’t have access to in the real world. The drawings weren’t the best I’ve done but I think it adds a rough aesthetic to the piece.


MB U6 Post 7 – Evaluation

I had an action plan and proposal however I didn’t stick to my action plan as I had changed my initial idea from doing live filming to drawing the characters. I did this as I discovered that my idea of using live actors would be time consuming and wouldn’t be useful as the editing would be too complex for me to do within the time limit.

I did research into various different opening sequences from a variety of shows such as; Walking Dead, Mad Men and American Horror Story. I could’ve done more research into more intros however I had decided early on that I wanted to do something reminiscent of the Mad Men intro as I believed that it shows how the main character falls from glory.

I think my final product came out well but I wish it would have been more refined as, to me it seems poorly drawn and put together, as I had to quickly think of the different characters I would make.

MB Sins completed product

This is the finished product for the seven deadly sins project.

MB U6 Post 4 – Action plan

“Seven Sins” Action Plan and Timetable


Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops



30th Nov 2015 Research sins Computer



7th Dec 2015 Concept & plan filming Computer & paper



14th Dec 2015 Come up with proposal & action plan Computer



11th Jan 2016 Finish off remaining blog posts  Computer



18th Jan 2016 Film test footage  Camera



25th Jan 2016 Upload edited prototype footage  Computer & camera



1st Feb 2016  Draw characters  Tablet & stylus



15th Feb 2016  Edit drawings into project  Computer



22 Feb 2016  Write evaluation  Computer
29/02/16 Course Review week 29/02/16 Course Review week

MB U6 Post 3 – Seven Sins Proposal

Centre Name & Number The Sheffield College
Candidate Name Thomas Allen
Candidate Number  671992
Project Title Seven Deadly Sins
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
The reason a title sequence is used to introduce themes, locations and other key aspects of a show. The title sequence also tries to be eye catching and interesting to watch, they usually accomplish this by using catchy songs or soundtracks that capture the theme of the show while being memorable. Most opening credits are around one minute to three minutes, the shorter credits are usually mainly just the title and a few cast members while the longer ones are usually more intricate and detailed sometimes revealing backstory on the plot e.g. 
Within this opening it shows key events such as a newspaper that explains that the main character Rick was shot which, while it does happen in the first episode, reminds the audience why Rick doesn’t understand the outbreak at all in the beginning.


Section 2: Project Concept (Approx 200 words)
 My aim with the project is to film my classmates doing various actives that represent the seven sin. I will then edit out faces by placing a coloured mask over the video to hide identity and also show what sin they are due to the colour they will be masked with, e.g. purple for pride, greed for envy etc etc. I hope to have the seven actors stand in a V formation at the end of the intro where I’ll slowly take away the masks revealing the actors. The hardest part I believe will be the masking onto the characters as it will have to be rather exact to make it look good. If you want to see the inspiration for my idea watch this video:
When I saw the solid colour character in this opening sequence I knew I wanted to do something similar as it looked eye catching and is memorable.

I will most likely need a prop knife, some prop (or real) food, a shirt or jacket with a collar, something easy to recognize to do with money such as a necklace or a wallet, a pillow or blanket and some extras.


Section 3: Evaluation (Approx 150 words)
 I intend to evaluate my work using the blog posts and also may do a few vlogs if I need to get something down but do not have time to write my idea out. I will record myself when filming using a personal camera with which I will be able to take screenshot from to show my work. I also intend to scan any concept drawings I do to further show how I intend to complete this project. Using all of these techniques I believe that I will be able to successfully and accurately as they come together as a quite concise whole.


Section 4: Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

YouTube, (2016). The Walking Dead Intro. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Jan. 2016].

YouTube, (2016). Mad Men Opening Credits. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jan. 2016].

MB U6 Post 2 – Planning

This is my research to do with all of the seven deadly sins. I tried to get as many images that represented the idea of the sin as I could.

ayasI intend to make solid colour figures in the colours representing the sins, however the problem with this is that people may not know what the sins are just by colour so I will use a visual clue of the solid colour figure doing whatever the sin is, E.G. Gluttony eating, pride popping their collar in an arrogant fashion e.t.c. e.t.c

seven1 seven2


These are the proof of concept images I have produced. I intend to do something similar for all of the sins. The purple figure represents Pride and the light blue figure represents Sloth, the black areas on the Sloth picture is contextual colouring as it would be confusing if there wasn’t a bed that Sloth was in. Looking at the pictures it seems that I might have to make the colours darker and I may put shading onto them. The reason I would do this as I think that the colours are too bright and there isn’t enough definition within the characters.

The text shown below is the first iteration of the text for the opening sequence, however I believe that it will change as I am not completely satisfied with how it came out, so I will, more likely than not, create a better version at some point.sins

MB U6 Blog 1 – Research sins


These are the mind maps for the seven deadly sins that I have made.


The following are mind maps that my classmates made for a group effort

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