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If at first you don't succeed, edit out your failures.


U7:2.1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and present solutions to an interactive-based problem in creative media production.

MB U7 Post 1: Website Planning documents

The following are the plans I have to sort my posts.

IMG_20160316_094315537This is the navigation chart for my website, it shows where all the links I have done will be. This will be helpful to me as it will allow me to organize my website.


This is my page layout design for my website. This shows all potential info that I could put on a page.


SMM – Proposal

Which website – I think I will continue to use WordPress as it is widely accessible to me as a creator and also to a comsumer. I chose WordPress as it allows me to continue to put out blogs and I am familiar with the layout and the workings of the site.

I decided no to use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr because none of them are suitable for both images and words, as there is a character limit on posts on all of them. There is also not much customisation for the layout of the posts or page.

What I plan to do to my WordPress site is; A section about me that includes: a CV, A personal statement and a gallery of my personal work and art. I will also change the background of the page.

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