I didn’t end up writing an action plan because I didn’t think it would’ve been useful, with hindsight however, I believe that I should’ve done so I could plan more effectively as I had to get help and could’ve avoided rushing to meet the deadline at the end. I did write proposal which helped to decide what I had to do to edit my site, which was a monumental help to me as I can get easily distracted.


I researched different websites which helped me decide how I change my blogs at all however, I could’ve put more detail into the research. I could’ve also looked at more websites such as Pinterest or something so I could look at what works to further improve mine site more.


I think that WordPress is good as it allows for huge posts of text however, it doesn’t have a huge variety of customisation in the layout of the posts themselves. I think that my blog s fit for it’s purpose of promoting and showcasing my work as it allows me to make large blogs which showcase my progress. I could’ve got more feedback on my blog using surveys or interviewing people about what I could improve.