This is my design walk-through for my player walk-through.


This is the first edit that I did which was just to key out the green screen.


The next step that I did was to add a background to the piece.


After that I put an effect onto the background to make it more interesting.


I then added our “player’s” name so that the viewer would be able to see who the “player” is called.


I then added the player’s number to add more information to the video.


Then I added the players position so if people didn’t know the name of the player but knew the position they could figure out who the player is.


I then exported the video using Abobe Media Encoder and I had to change the video to 640px by 384px because SUFC have old screens.

These steps have allowed me to make a player walk-through.

This is the template that I designed on Adobe After Effects as a proof of concept for the Sheffield Untied Football Club Project.