Sound design was first coined in 1979 Francis Ford Coppola whilst making Apocalypse Now.Which insured audiences understood that the sky would be full of helicopters and a jungle full of gunfire. It was first screened with three speakers in front of the audience and two behind immersing the audience more than had been done before.

However the idea of sound design was used much earlier than 1979 at the start of the 20th century by a man named, Luigi Russolo who believed that you could use sounds rather then music to increase the drama of a film. One of Russolo’s friends was the composer Balilla Pratella and after hearing his friend’s performance Luigi was so inspired that he wrote a manifesto – The Art of Noises. To make a long story short, he reasoned that after the industrial revolution the human ear had become more and more accustomed to more mechanical sounds.He was inspired by these new sounds that he called for a complete revolution within music to expand the range of sounds it included from the four or five instruments people were used to hearing.

After the second world war, science had brought sound forward in leaps and bounds. With the help of computer samplers and sound synthesis machines, the human ear had to adapt once more to accommodate these new sounds. With the increase of sound files and libraries, film makers started to experiment more with sound as a tool.