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If at first you don't succeed, edit out your failures.


U3:2.1 Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods.

My evaluation

Self evaluation

I was asked to produce a short film with the title, “The Meeting” my group settled on the idea of making a short crime film. It would be in the style of an action movie. We chose to do this as we believed it would be interesting to make and watch as no-one else in the class was doing anything similar.

My main job was audio recording, I recorded the speech, which I believe went well as, even though I had a few setbacks, I got managed to record and upload the recordings. The setbacks I were that I lost a scene’s audio however we decided that the scene wasn’t very good and didn’t fit in so we cut it from the final product. I also was partly in charge of prop research in which I decided that we needed prop guns and latex gloves as they would help sell the film as being more authentic.

I believe that I did well in coming up with an idea and recording the audio as the audio is timed to the music. It also fits the piece which set the tone for the more serious part of the product.

I was in charge of prop planning, research, script and was meant to be an actor, but I was too nervous. I believe that I could of done a lot more for my group as I felt as my role wasn’t important as a sound guy because I lost the audio. I did get quite a bit of good audio though.

I had to think of which props to use such as the guns, which were supplied by Tom Scott. I decided that we would only need guns, gloves as they we weren’t doing anything to active.

I recorded the audio using a marantz kit and a boom mic. The boom mic was lighter than I imagined and I found the marantz easy to use. We used shots like close ups and wide shots to show the characters in different ways. For instance, the first shot is a panning, close up with then changes to a tracked medium shot.

Peer evaluation

(Bex) Tom Allen: Tom Allen was in charge of Prop Planning, Research, Script, Actor.

I think Tom was successful with his research as he is interested in most of the props people use in films and games, with this being his interest he was able to give Tom Scott a list of research he achieved so Tom Scott was able to get the props we needed. Tom also came up with the whole idea of the heist ‘crime’ situation, which made the team blow up with creativity and ideas. Tom was suppose to act in the production however, Tom did the characters voice over before the audio got lost on the computer (this made him have to record Tom Scott instead).Tom received a few issues with the audio as it got lost on his computer twice, however Tom was able to recover this issue well by re-recording the audio and sounds effects and protected them by saving them to his USB. Tom and the rest of the group was in charge of the script, this was very successful as we were all able to create a creative and powerful script. Tom also operated the productions audio and not just the foley sound effects, through boom which came out successful and all the audio was usable (we barely had to re-record any of the scripts sound). Tom’s input to the group was good however I feel we should have given him another role to do as he didn’t feel he’d be as effective as an actor, Overall, I look forward to working with him again and feel that he has been a good member to the production team.

(Beth) Tom A was our sound recorder, and when he originally recorded the sound he forgot to upload it onto the Mac so we had to rerecord it in a sound booth and it didn’t sound as good as the original. He did work hard however, and had some good ideas. He was also in charge of Prop researching and planning, and although he did some research he was not particularly helpful, and the rest of the team had to step in a provide prop ideas and bring them into college for use.His creativity was brilliant when it came to deciding on the original plot.

(Tom Scott) Tom A: Tom was a somewhat productive member of the team and one of the main driving forces behind the ideas process, the heist idea was originally his idea and was the basis for our films plot. Toms role mainly consisted of being the boom pole operator and sound man overall. He put a lot of effort into his job and was also a great help in setting up the scenes, he also played a role in the film although it was a minor role it was still much appreciated and helped in moving along the production process. He remained professional throughout the process and was a good sound recording operator, he always remained consistent in his work and was a great asset to the team. His suggestions in all parts of the production process were imaginative and were always taken on board. There were times where he didn’t feel as though he wasn’t capable of doing a job or unmotivated such as doing the voiceover for the phone guy but I never doubted his capability nor his passion for the project. Overall he was a great team member and I would love to work with him again in future projects because of his passion for film and professionalism.




The Meeting


We decided on the idea of a crime theme for our meeting video. We chose this as it doesn’t require too many props and isn’t too complicated to do.

Overall Plot

The four main characters are a team of criminals that are sent to break into a building for their boss. In order to get to the room they have been asked to get into they have to get past security  and the employess of the building. A shootout occurs. Once the team enter the room they find that it is completely empty apart from a table in the centre of the room, that has a phone secured under it. The group’s boss then contacts them from the phone and tells them that there is a rat, however it is actually a ploy to make them kill themselves.


Our first idea was to use an office building however we realised that that would be unreasonable as we would be asking to film in a location for free, something that a lot of companies wouldn’t agree to, so we’re using sections of the College as they are easily assessable to use and the equipment is easier to move around.


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The above shown are the planning documents for The Meeting. They were useful as they allowed us to keep focussed on what we needed to do. I think that the storyboards are the most useful because they show the general show sizes that we intend to make. I believe that the least helpful sheet was the health and safety because it doesn’t seem like it would have a meaningful impact on our piece, however I do understand why it is necessary.


Tom S brought in the gun props which were airsoft guns painted black. They were the only props we really needed as we wrote the script with a very limited number of maximum props.

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