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UNIT 7: Investigating interactive media production and technology

MB U7 Post 2: Completed website


These pictures show my final website design, they show images, my gallery of personal work and an embedded video.


MB U7 Post 1: Website Planning documents

The following are the plans I have to sort my posts.

IMG_20160316_094315537This is the navigation chart for my website, it shows where all the links I have done will be. This will be helpful to me as it will allow me to organize my website.


This is my page layout design for my website. This shows all potential info that I could put on a page.

Unit 7 Evaluation


I didn’t end up writing an action plan because I didn’t think it would’ve been useful, with hindsight however, I believe that I should’ve done so I could plan more effectively as I had to get help and could’ve avoided rushing to meet the deadline at the end. I did write proposal which helped to decide what I had to do to edit my site, which was a monumental help to me as I can get easily distracted.


I researched different websites which helped me decide how I change my blogs at all however, I could’ve put more detail into the research. I could’ve also looked at more websites such as Pinterest or something so I could look at what works to further improve mine site more.


I think that WordPress is good as it allows for huge posts of text however, it doesn’t have a huge variety of customisation in the layout of the posts themselves. I think that my blog s fit for it’s purpose of promoting and showcasing my work as it allows me to make large blogs which showcase my progress. I could’ve got more feedback on my blog using surveys or interviewing people about what I could improve.


SMM – Proposal

Which website – I think I will continue to use WordPress as it is widely accessible to me as a creator and also to a comsumer. I chose WordPress as it allows me to continue to put out blogs and I am familiar with the layout and the workings of the site.

I decided no to use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr because none of them are suitable for both images and words, as there is a character limit on posts on all of them. There is also not much customisation for the layout of the posts or page.

What I plan to do to my WordPress site is; A section about me that includes: a CV, A personal statement and a gallery of my personal work and art. I will also change the background of the page.

SMM U7 Website suitability





 Easy to use, accessible, lots of customisation Blogs feel similar to one another.



Easy to use, accessible, easy to upload photos  hard to upload huge blocks of text, not much design freedom



 Easy to use, accessible, easy to upload photos  Hard to upload blocks of text, not much design freedom



 easy to use, accessible  rather bland

SMM U7 Blog post 2 – Issues relating to internet usage


Conduct primary and secondary research.

Some useful links:

This video addresses the numerous problems with the internet such as; Privacy, addiction,

1.  Cyber-bullying – Being bullied online

2. Propaganda – influences on the internet making people think a certain way

3. false information – incorrect info that makes people seem like idiots

4. inappropriate access to adult content – children getting onto porn sites and such

5. Identity theft – bank information being stolen

6. harm & offence – people being arses on the internet


Social media issues:

Catfishing – People make fake accounts and trick people into thinking they are someone they aren’t.

cyber bullying – People make fun of people anonymously

propaganda – Images or texts designed to influence people to think a certain way


Legal and ethical  problems with the internet:

Privacy – There are various acts in place to prevent invasions of privacy such as the, “Invasion of privacy act”

National laws can’t be applied on the internet because if someone commits a cyber crime from the UK on someone in the US where does the jurisdiction fall, the UK or the US.

Deformation law – If you say someone is or has done something on the news or whatnot, and it is proved to be false the publisher must pay a fine.

Anti-terrorism laws – You can’t promote terrorism on news or internet

You can’t regulate all of the internet there is simply too much.

Cyber crime – crimes that are commited online such as; Fraud, scam, e.t.c.



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