I will be analyzing Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Qp38qT-xI)

The video starts with a panning establishing shot of a cityscape that then follows the height of a tower which could be used how distant the company is from the rest of the world. Which could also be linked to the title of the song which is also on the tower. “Feel good Inc” could be a comparison of marketing for companies of how advertising makes them sound all nice but  once you’re inside it changes your perception of them.

After the video zooms into the tower it continues to zoom onto the main singer of the band who is sat behind a variety of characters that seem comatose. The main singer then starts the chorus and the rest of the band quickly joins in as indicated by the first few notes of the bass guitar are shown to be played by the band’s bassist. The main singer slowly gets up before getting a megaphone and starts to sing into it which is links the slightly distorted singing.

The shots are rather close throughout the piece possibly to show how cramped and claustrophobic the tower is, however the shots are zoomed out after the camera goes back outside the tower. The music also becomes less heavy as it starts to be played by an acoustic guitar. The tune becomes much softer while the images of a floating windmill are on screen. Which is implied the windmill is in the main singer’s imagination because as the windmill goes out of frame, a couple of helicopters come into frame, which then fades back into the tower. After a quick rap verse, which has many quick rotations of the room, the main singer nervously repeats, “Feel Good” which could link to the theme of corporations being scary and lying to the people. As the camera rotates to show the window once more the music starts to lighten again and the camera zooms out of the window to show the floating windmill on a small floating island with a young boy playing the guitar on the end of the island. As the island goes by tower, the boy is seen singing along with the song and the strumming that he is doing is in time with the music implying that this is the main singers dream again because it shows him out of the tower and able to do what he wants.