I am Thomas Allen, a seventeen year old with hopes of becoming a concept artist. I am interested in becoming this as I love creativity and I believe that I have many ideas to make videos or games with. If I could not make it in the film / game industry I would most likely take a course in graphic design as I wish to do something creative for a living.

My hobbies include; Drawing, playing the guitar, reading and playing video games. I also enjoy watching films and often make mental notes on how to either improve or recreate a scene. I find that my favourite genres are; Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi & fantasy, however I also enjoy a good action film every now and again.

My skills include a vivid imagination, an eye for detail & a wide range of knowledge, which has allowed me to create character designs for genre pieces. I am also an avid artist and take pride in the pieces I produce. For example, I recently entered a competition to design an urban samurai.

I see myself as a perfectionist when it comes to art and try to understand why a character does what they do before I design them. I am inventive with my designs and take pride in the detail that develop them.

To put it simply, I am a young, open-minded individual with aspirations of working in a wonderful and creative industry.