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About me

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I have a passion to draw and make digital art and I also use more conventional tools such as; pens and pencils.

Lately I’ve taken to making edits of old cartoons to express myself a little more. I find these edits quite relaxing to make as they give me a chance to think about how I want designs to come out before rather than as I’m drawing or modeling.


Personal Statement

I am Thomas Allen, a seventeen year old with hopes of becoming a concept artist. I am interested in becoming this as I love creativity and I believe that I have many ideas to make videos or games with. If I could not make it in the film / game industry I would most likely take a course in graphic design as I wish to do something creative for a living.

My hobbies include; Drawing, playing the guitar, reading and playing video games. I also enjoy watching films and often make mental notes on how to either improve or recreate a scene. I find that my favourite genres are; Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi & fantasy, however I also enjoy a good action film every now and again.

My skills include a vivid imagination, an eye for detail & a wide range of knowledge, which has allowed me to create character designs for genre pieces. I am also an avid artist and take pride in the pieces I produce. For example, I recently entered a competition to design an urban samurai.

I see myself as a perfectionist when it comes to art and try to understand why a character does what they do before I design them. I am inventive with my designs and take pride in the detail that develop them.

To put it simply, I am a young, open-minded individual with aspirations of working in a wonderful and creative industry.


Thomas Allen

Contact Details:

Address: 13 Brighton Terrace Rd


Mobile Number: 7415 626678

Personal statement

I believe that I have developed a vivid imagination throughout my years as shown by my many character designs in my portfolio. I believe that I have also gained a good eye for detail as I can be quite pedantic when it comes to my designs. As for team efforts I’ll say I’m rather good at taking orders but I struggle to be a leader due to social anxiety.

Skills Summary

Professional Skills

I believe that I am quite proficient with Photoshop, Premier Pro & After Effects.

I am also adept with social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Youtube as well as able to create websites with WordPress.


Sheffield College 2015 (September) – Present

The Sheffield College; UAL Level 3 – Extended diploma in creative media

In the final semester of the first year I developed a product for my final major project. I developed an animated short story using traditional hand drawn images. I showed an understanding of subject context, carried out thorough research which assisted my production skills.
In the second year I am involved in developing my proof of concept into a fully working product. This requires me to show an understanding of subject context, be able to independently carry out research and interpret this information to support and develop my ideas.



King Edwards VII 2010 – 2015 (July)

GCSE English Language = D (Currently retaking)
GCSE English Literature = C
GCSE Maths = B
GCSE Science = C
GCSE Further Science = B
GCSE Graphic Products = C

Work experience

Date: 1/5/14 – 1/7/14

  • Work Experience
  • Pavilion
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Position held = Junior Sales assistant

Description of duties

  • Cash handling
  • Customer service
  • Conditioning of flowers
  • Housekeeping
  • Plant care
  • Assisting senior staff members

About Pavilion

Leading, high- end, independent floral design business specializing in the creation of luxury, bespoke floral designs for both retail & corporate clients.

Previous employment

Date: 20/9/16 – 28/1/17

  • Paid employment
  • Kelham Arcade
  • Location: Sheffield – 92 Burton Road, Kelham Island, S3 8BX
  • Position held = Junior sales assistant

Description of duties

  • Customer service
  • Housekeeping
  • Assisting senior staff members
  • Coming up with promotional ideas


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